Hello! (again)

Portland Waterfront cherry blossoms

Decades ago, I built a website by stumbling around Adobe Dreamweaver. It wasn’t half bad and got a few viewers. After the initial flush of success, it lay dormant and became embarrassingly outdated. Five years ago, I gave WordPress a try in a subdomain (go.rgetter.com–the “go” part is the subdomain). After the initial flush of success, it lay dormant for five years.

Now, I quietly disposed of the old site and am embarking on fleshing out this new one. Here’s what I have planned, levels of self-motivation permitting:

  • This modest post
  • Migrating various content I created elsewhere that should be useful to the general public
  • Moving the once-popular Journey to Japan pages here
  • Creating a gallery where I can show off my pictures and videos
  • Links to some of my better MacDirectory Magazine articles
  • Nagging myself to create some new content here

This little ice-breaker complete, if I have successfully fixed the file permission problem and it posts correctly, I may have the confidence to continue. Someday maybe I’ll even get good at it