What I think about when I think about updating

updates_screen_webUpdating an operating system used to be a lot more exciting than it is now.   Put simply, things would break. And for a time in Apple’s checkered past, it wasn’t as much “if” as it was “what.” Even if there was a change sheltered behind a couple of dots in the version number, there were very good reasons to be cautious.

Things are a whole lot better now, but it can save you a lot of grief down the road if you still treat these updates with a little care and preparation. Rolling back a Mac OS to an earlier version is not necessarily easy if you’re not ready. Continue reading

Inauspicious beginnings

At the gate

At the gate

For reasons I can’t quite explain (and not being willing to admit to simple procrastination), we put of actually booking our trip to Japan to less than six weeks before we were planning to leave in mid-June. Simply put: big mistake. The number of flights that were available were limited, the ticket prices where sky-high and the remaining seats were in that center row purgatory created by twin aisle jets. The thought of flying across the Pacific without a window was maddening.

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