OMG, my first post!


Getting started in blogging, particularly being new to running a content management system is incredibly intimidating.

Getting the blog set up was like the first time I put on ice skates. I had read everything I needed to and acquired all the necessities. Instead of skates, socks and a hockey stick, it was a sub-domain, a book or two and a bunch of how-to sites. Then I spent an evening trying to get it right, performing all the necessary tasks, except for remembering to write down the new passwords.

But the first time I put on ice skates, I was standing up on the carpet on my parents’ living room and it was pretty easy.

But this is like the filling of getting out on the actual ice for the first time. It is very slippery, it feels pretty strange, and if I fall on my butt, a lot of people will know.

Welcome to the blogsphere, I guess.