About ric@large


This is the beginning of my new site. The more discerning of you can tell it’s a WordPress blog. Those of you who are even more discerning can tell that I still don’t know much about WordPress.

About me

A displaced English major, I started my career as a news photographer for a suburban Boston daily (at the time, known as the Middlesex News). I worked for a while at one of the oldest and least successful video production houses in the Boston area and moved west, landing a series of video production and post-production  jobs after a few years of a career change into IT. And back and forth between the two careers ever since.

I’ve written for MacDirectory Magazine since 1999, and for MacInstruct, TechTarget/Enterprise Desktop and for a few other publications I’m sure you never heard of.

I’m now working in a full-time IT gig at Portland Community College and loving my freelance production work at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

This site is my new enterprise. Enjoy!


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