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The opinions expressed on the pages herein are exclusively those of the author. If you disagree with them, then they are somebody else's.


Humor & Opinion

Dear Applicant: - A rejection letter gets real.

One Small Change - Microsoft finds a way to deal with the Y2K Leap Year bug

In My Opinion - Timely (and sometimes not) essays on assorted topics.


The Current Gallery - Whatever stuff I happen to want to display this week (or month, depending on how inspired I am). Here are a few pictures from the Oregon Coast.

The News Archive - I spent the first years of my career as a news photographer in eastern Massachusetts. Every so often, I will pull an image out of my dusty portfolio and display it here along with the story behind the picture (which is often more interesting)


In this day and age, it is probably easier to make a living as a blacksmith than it is as a writer of short stories. Nonetheless, some of us have this strange compulsion (combined with a shorter attention span than novelists). As I did research in an effort to get published for the first time in a small literary journal, I discovered how truely small most of them are. It is quite possible that placing them here would provide me with more readers than many of them would, albeit with considerably less resume-value. Every so often, I will post a story here and hopefull for your comments.

Featured Story:

Lightning (1995) Sometimes we would be much better off if it didn't strike twice.





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