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In the the fall of 2002, PLATO Learning, one of the nation's largest and most successful education technology companies, released an entirely new version of its web site. I provided all the marketing content (over 130 pages) that PLATO used. Virtually all these pages remain online as originally written.


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With a magazine circulation of over 100,000 and a web site that attracts over 1 million hits per week, MacDirectory has become one of the nation's fastest growing, Mac-focused computer magazines. This publication is one of the most extravagantly beautiful examples of magazine production to find its way onto a news stand and an unquestionable standout in the computer section.

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They're Here! - Observations from MacWorld Expo '06 - Commentary and photos from the Expo

The Mac in Japan - squeezing in to a very crowded market (story and photos)

Final Cut Pro 4 - Software review

Cutting the Distance - Interview with Acadamy Award winning film editor/sound designer Walter Murch

Behind the Seen - Book review

Mail Factory 1.4 Gets Our Stamp of Approval - A small software company in Odessa, Ukraine creates a gigantically successful application

To the Man Who Made Apple (and Saved it) - A personal tribute to Steve Jobs

Macromedia Studio 8: First Look - Writen for publication on the day the program was released

Disk Warrior 3: The Fight Against Corruption - With its new folding keyboard and a great selection of software for both the Palm OS and Mac, you now have a full-featured word processor that fits in your pocket.

Tactile Pro Keyboard: It's Got the Touch - Hardware review

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This is one of the web's best sites for tips and tricks for using the Mac:

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"Backup Basics" - There are lots of tools out there to help you keep your stuff safe. But how do you decide what's worth the effort to save?

"An Absolute Beginners Guide to the Terminal" - Ready to take the training wheels off OS X? This will start you on your way unraveling the mysteries of Unix.

"A Reader's Guide to Great Mac Books" - For obvious reasons, the Mac attracts some of the best technology writers in the business. This is a quick guide to some of the best Mac books (the printed kind) that are available.

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These are some samples of my work for NetSchools, where I was the primary content writer/editor for the Magazine section of NetSchools Orion, their subscription web site. Orion is now part of the PLATO Learning product line and many of the articles written for NetSchools are still in use. The following are samples of articles I created for their audience of students, educators and families. For these articles, I was also responsible for the graphics and HTML coding.

Argo: Exploring the Climate's Future - It's hard enough to predict tomorrow's weather, but this team of scientists, using satellites and seagoing sensors are trying to figure out how the climate will change over the next century.

Radar Bees - Scientists find a tiny answer to a big mystery with some very unusual technology.

Will Trains Fly? - In Japan, home of the world's fastest trains, researchers are working on a train that will literally fly on a cushion of air.

Other Publications

Modem Romance - Published in the San Jose Mercury News is a rather unusual but very true love story.

Speaking Your Mind - An article originally published in Marcom Choices no longer available online, but worth reading if you ever have to write for a narrator.


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