To Make a Long Story short


As I wrote about my travels in the past, brevity was never one of the first things on my mind. In fact, being free of the usual 300, 800, 1200, and 1600 word targets of my magazine articles, I rejoiced in the freedom of writing without out boundaries.

But this is a blog. Not a book. Not a magazine article. The reader’s attention is far more a precious commodity. The idea is to write enough to get the reader hooked enough to come back for more. Each article is and of itself, “content” and it is also a tease for what lies ahead. “To be continued…” each post most imply.

To begin, I will be writing a retrospective on my last trip to Japan, not as an extended travelogue like my first online effort, A Journey to Japan. These articles will take the form of anecdotes, some internal, some external that should get the feeling of the trip across as well as any deep, soul searching, extended narrative. This should make it more interesting for you and significantly less intimidating for me to put together. I do hope you enjoy it.

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